Props & Flats

FREE Props, Walls, and Everything Else You Need for the Background – Use all that you need for the same price

Green Screen


Pick from our wide assortment of props, all included in one fee. Use as many or as little as you like. Below are the props and furniture that we have available for you.



You can move and arrange our freestanding walls anyway you like. Each 8′ x 4′ flat has wheels for easy movement and is layered with a brick base.

You can add different color flats on top of each wall to customize anyway you need.

We carry window flats with different color variations. Get that great window look, and control the light and background to anyway you need.

Here is the Window Wall used in a set with an outdoors backdrop behind. Use one of our three backdrops to create the illusion you’re in a real setting.


Also, here is a setup with our new White Brick walls: