Need a Prison Cell?


We are proud to announce the addition of an interesting new background option: fully 3-dimensional prison bars and barbed wire. If you need an interview or B-roll involving a darker prison look, we can provide that for you with freestanding prison bars that are 6 feet tall and 10 feet long. Just add some mood lighting and imagine the possibilities for your next shoot!

What We Do Here


River Art Space is an open 1600 sq foot studio, and you design it anyway you want. Use our scenic flats, props, and furniture to design the space for your shoot.

With the space, we give you the ability to usher in different kinds of flats including brick walls, colored walls, or windows. Also design the layout of furniture and props to any configuration needed for your shoot.

Here are some examples of the possibilities available in our studio. Also click the blue link for more:



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Look at our “Props & Flats” page to get an idea of how the flats work and see the props that we offer:

PROPS & FLATS_MG_9248_MG_9365_MG_9261_MG_9359


There are also beautiful nearby opportunities for outside B-roll shots:



Our goal is to give you the most amount of options available so you can make each shoot look just how you need.

Also ask us about parking! We have 2 spaces available for your crew vehicles or other cars.

Below is a layout of the space for you:

Studio Overhead


We are open for business! Give us a call or email to book your next interview or B-roll shoot. We’re happy to accommodate you anyway possible.

We are located at:

159-34 Riverside Drive WEST

New York, NY 10032

(It’s very important to add the “West” to the address)

Coming from Henry Hudson Parkway (9A)

use exit 13 onto 158 street

Turn right onto Riverside Drive

Then right onto Riverside Drive WEST

River Arts Apartments will be on the right


Our garage has a separate entrance (but still in the same building), use this address for your GPS: